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By Little League, 12/14/16, 11:00PM EST


Each month, Little League® International is providing a quick look at important information and events for the month ahead. We invite you to review and share with your colleagues and friends. Another great resource for keeping up to date on Little League’s latest training and educational efforts is Little League University. Designed for volunteers, league and district administrators, coaches, and parents, this free website is a wonderful portal for experiencing and learning about the Little League.

Holiday Gift Guide

With the Holiday season now upon us, and new USA Baseball bat standards on the horizon for 2018, Little League Baseball and Softball has provided you with some holiday gift-giving tips that can help your Little Leaguer® have the best possible experience during his or her time with the program. When it comes to buying bats this holiday season, it is important to understand how the new baseball bat standard will affect your decision, so to help answer concerns by local leagues, as well as parents, Little League and USA Baseball have put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Rules and Regulation Changes for 2017

Each year, the Little League International Board of Directors submits proposed rule and regulation changes that the Little League International Rules Committee then approves. As part of the annual fall meeting of the Board of Directors, new rule changes and regulations have been approved for the 2017 season. A full explanation and clarification of these rules and regulations will be available in the next few weeks on the official rule change page of, including a detailed clarification of each year’s rule and regulation changes.

New Chartering and Insurance Enrollment Process for 2017

Due to unforeseen circumstances in updating the Little League Data Center for the 2017 season, the convenience of chartering your league online is not available at this time. Completion and submission of a charter application and insurance enrollment form is the only method to charter and purchase insurance for 2017. Little League encourages leagues to submit their insurance premiums in full prior to January 1, 2017 in order to avoid a lapse in coverage. These forms will be included in the Local League Resource Guide mailed to your League President that Little League International currently has on file. If your league does not receive its Local League Resource Guide including its chartering information, please contact your District Administrator or check with a past-League President. You are welcome to contact your regional office or Little League International, as well.

Important Reminders for Local League Operations

With 2016 finishing up, December is an important month to make sure your league is ready for the next season. Here are some of the important things that your league should be considering this month, and some resources from Little League University to help guide the way. For these tips, as well as additional information, be sure to check out the Little League Bulletin Board each month.

• Volunteer Recruitment
• Budgeting
• Registration

Little League Partners with DICK’S Team Sports HQ for New Technology Service

Little League International is excited to announce that it has partnered with DICK’S SPORTING GOODS to utilize DICK’S Team Sports HQ to become our official and exclusive partner in providing technology services for our local leagues and districts. DICK’S Team Sports HQ, powered by Blue Sombrero, is an innovative youth sports platform that provides websites, online registration, and league management tools at no cost. Beginning immediately, your league and districts will be able to take full advantage of this great new partnership, which includes free resources to create and maintain your league or district website, hold online registrations, and more!

League Resource Guides Delivered

Formerly known as the Chartering and Marketing Toolkit, the 2017 League Resource Guide, which includes local league chartering paperwork and insurance information, was sent out to local leagues this month, so be sure to be on the lookout! All educational resources and content can also be found on Little League University. If your league does not receive its Local League Resource Guide and its chartering information, please contact your District Administrator or check with a past-League President. If unable to locate the information, please contact Little League International or your Regional Office.

Ready for Roadshows

During the offseason, staff from Little League International, along with district and league officials, team up to offer a “Little League University on the Road” in your area (formerly known as the Little League Roadshow). This training and education component of Little League® Baseball and Softball, welcomes local volunteers to a series of clinics and seminars in order to provide education and support to its chartered leagues. Learn to see if a Road Show will by coming to a location near you on the Little League Calendar of Events or contact your local Regional Directorfor more information.

2016 Year in Review

This past year has been an exciting time for Little League Baseball and Softball, filled with inspiring stories, memorable videos, new changes, and the culmination of the Little League season with the 2016 International Tournament. To help take a look back at the exciting year, Little League will be putting together a Year in Review that will be published on at the end of December.